Library Director

Hello All,

I am Lindsey Hanes and I am the Library Director at Garrett Memorial Library.

A little about myself: 

When I am not at the Library, I am out working on our little family farm. In my spare time, I enjoy wrenching in the shop with my husband and children, baking, gardening, reading, exercising, and playing sports with my family. 

I found my love for reading a few years ago when I lost a close loved one. It was my way of coping, I guess. Reading for me is deeper than just reading words on a page; I feel for the characters, I imagine / travel to the setting where the story is taking place, and actually feel a part of the story. I sometimes cry or even laugh out loud when I am reading a book (my husband gives me a look like I'm crazy. haha). I think it is very important to find what genre captures your mind, heart, and imagination to really enjoy what you are reading. If you are unsure what to read, stop in and I will gladly help you find something that interests you. I hope to see you soon.